• Agia Anna Beach Resort

    Agia Anna

    One of the best resorts on Naxos Island

  • Agia Anna Beach in Naxos

    Crystal Clear Sea

  • Agia Anna Beach Resort in Naxos

    Great Beaches

  • Agia Anna Beach Resort in Naxos

    Enjoy the beach till sunset

Agia Anna Resort

One of the most attractive resorts on Naxos Island

Agia Anna is a gorgeous family friendly resort with a great beach in a stunning location. Shallow waters, no waves, sun beds, bars and restaurants right on the beach with great value food and drinks, romantic moments as the sun sets behind the neighbour island of Paros, make Agia Anna one of the best destinations on Naxos Island.

The perfect place

Easy access from Naxos Town (Hora), stunning beach, great choice of accommodation, clubbing, restaurants.
Agia Anna resort is perfect for families, couples, singles, young and old.

Discover Agia Anna

Agia Anna Beach Resort

The absolute holiday destination for everyone. A charming place with beautiful sand and lots of facilities immediately behind the beach. A place you can stay there all day and admire the beautiful sunset.