Agia Anna Resort

Getting here and around

Easy access from Naxos Town (the capital), centrally located on the west coast of the island

Agia Anna is located 6.5 - 7.0 Km from Naxos Town port and capital and it is connected with very frequent bus schedules. To get here from Naxos Town, take the road to the airport. 500 metres before the airport there is a junction. You can either take the road on the right (via Agios Prokopios - follow the signs), or, straight on via the airport, and at the next crossroads turn to the right heading to Agia Anna small pier. Both are the same distance.

The bus calling Agia Anna is the route Naxos Town - Agios Prokopios - Agia Anna - Plaka Beach. There are two bus stops in the resort, one next to Santana Beach Club and the next at the small pier. Please keep in mind that bus tickets cannot be issued in bus, they can be purchased from mini-markets.

Car and motorbike rentals are available in Agia Anna.

Taxi station is located at the small pier.

Agia Anna is a great place

It can be easily reached from Naxos Town (Hora) and offers a stunning beach, a great choice of accommodation, clubbing and restaurants. It is only a short walk away from Agios Prokopios and Plaka beaches.

Discover Agia Anna

Agia Anna Beach Resort

The absolute holiday destination for everyone. A charming place with beautiful sand and lots of facilities immediately behind the beach. A place you can stay there all day and admire the beautiful sunset.